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The REAL Cause of Diabetes – Why Isn’t the Mainstream Media Reporting on This?

The real cause of diabetes is not what you may think. You have probably been programmed like everyone else to think that diabetes is caused by genetics, obesity, lack of exercise, eating sugar, and eating other carbs. However, I have an incredibly important fact to share with you that you may find shocking and will make you immediately question what the real cause of diabetes is. Type 2 diabetes did NOT exist before the 1920’s. Within one decade after arising out of nowhere, the number of type 2 diabetes cases (called insulin resistant diabetes then) went up 1000% and it has continued to increase by alarming rates. CISM Training Course in Dubai

So what went on in the 1920’s that caused the sudden appearance and rapid proliferation of type 2 diabetes? The answer is the introduction of a poison into our food supply. That poison was introduced with the advent of partially hydrogenated oils and fats. This included shortening (Crisco was the first on the market) and margarine as well as the appearance of other foods that contained partially hydrogenated oils to extend shelf life.

Scientists and health professionals were quite dismayed with the introduction of “artificial foods” as they often referred to them. The general populace did not readily accept these new “artificial foods” but the widespread poverty brought on by the Great Depression forced people to look for cheaper alternatives and the rationing of butter and other products on the homefront during World War 2 made these “artificial foods” reluctantly accepted. Unfortunately, the depression and the war also shifted the focus away from the potentially hazardous health effects that “artificial foods” may have been causing or we may have nipped this thing in the bud before it became so entrenched in our society and enpowered by big money.

We now know that partially hydrogenated oils and fats include artificially reconstructed molecules called trans fat. These are very rare in nature and they are poisonous to our bodies. Please notice I said poisonous, not just unhealthy. The chemical structure of trans fat are such that they get substituted in for the healthy fats in the approximately 70 trillion cell membranes that we have in our bodies. Trans fat molecules alter our cell membranes in such a way that our membranes have a difficult time transporting glucose to the inside. This is true even when there is a normal or even elevated amount of insulin in the blood stream. In other words, we create the conditions that we now call type 2 diabetes. We create type 2 diabetes with an artificial chemical that is poisonous to our bodies.

This is an incredibly important story. So, why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up on it. With more than 23 million diabetics in the United States alone and another 57 million with pre-diabetes, doesn’t this story deserve prominent news coverage? If not on the front page, shouldn’t every newspaper being running articles about it in their health and living sections? Shouldn’t the 24 hour a day cable news channels be talking about it non-stop? Shouldn’t network TV news shows be running special segments on it? Shouldn’t mainstream magazines feature articles on it? I believe the answer to these questions may lie in how the mainstream media is funded.

If you ever thought the mainstream media reports in a fair and unbiased way, you need to consider the fact that the meat and potatoes of their profit comes from their advertisers. It should be easy enough to figure out who their primary advertisers are. Flip through any popular magazine, read any major newspaper, and/or watch any channel on TV. What type of ads dominate?

From my experience, I see lots and lots of fast food ads, processed food ads, restaurant chain ads, snack ads, etc… In other words, I see many ads for products that contain trans fat and many ads for places that serve food that contains trans fat. How popular do you think a news story revealing that trans fat caused and continues to cause diabetes would be with these prominent advertisers? Would they pull their ads? Even if we ended all trans fat today, think about the potential class action litigation that could be possible if people really knew the truth.

I’m putting these facts out there because I think it is extremely important that people know the truth about what is causing diabetes. Very few people know the real cause of diabetes and they have no idea how to really reverse it or that it can be reversed.


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